Saturday, 23 April 2016

Uncapped ADSL

Uncapped Adsl R99 p/m

Total monthly cost including adsl line and uncapped data R99 p/m (once off activation fee of R50) - line speed 1meg

Higher line speeds as below:

2meg + uncapped data - R289
4meg + uncapped data - R459
8meg + uncapped data - R629
10meg + uncapped data - R699

Telkom line
Adsl router (you can use your own or we can supply)

To apply, e-mail your details (Name, surname, contact details), to:

Unlimited Cellphone Calls

Unlimited Cellphone calls! R300 p/m All networks (mobile & landline), day&night, BLADE IT has done it again! We have partnered up with Dubai based Telecommunications company to offer South Africans, a sim only voice package of R300 p/m, unlimited calls to all networks! Sim works in all smartphones! Freedom of mobility! We don't bind you into contracts, pure month to month! Not happy! Cancel! Simple! To be in line to take advantage of this amazing offer when it launches, email your details (Name, surname, cellphone number, area) to To join our team/reseller/partner up with us, email

Friday, 2 October 2015

Just R99

Line + Data - Just R99!

1Mbps uncapped ADSL bundle – data and ADSL line access – for R99 per month!

1) telkom line
2) adsl modem (we can supply, or use your own)
3) proof of residence (Rica)

If you don't have a line, we will apply on your behalf! Adsl line conversion, free!

This offer applies to new and existing clients!

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BBM pin:2BDFB8F1

Channel pin:C000A1697

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

To all BB 10 users out there updating to 10.3.1:

To all BB 10 users out there updating to 10.3.1:

Please be patient and stop whining here and there, and please STOP blaming Blackberry for any difficulties you are going though if you yourself do not understand the whole process of downloading and updating apps! This is one big OS update which the community has been eagerly waiting for! This update is huge because of the new features that come with it! So much so that it will make your BB10 device looking and feeling as if brand new again. So it is not a simple matter of downloading it and everything snaps automatically into place! Remember to update apps like BBM because they have to sync up to the new OS!

Check my blog out for solutions Don't simplify things because this is not a simple update, it's a huge update!

As for me, I didn't have any problems upgrading my Passport, Z30, and  Z10 devices. There should be no reason you cannot do the same for your own devices. Be patient, be intelligent enough, and please don't whine and blame! Really awesome features, check it here

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

BB 10 users!

BB 10 users!

After 10.3.1 update, there's a few bugs which if you follow my step-by-step, you will fix the issue! Don't get frustrated, be patient! 

1) BBM, contact profiles are blanked out, you could change to dark mode but if you are used to light mode, you will get frustrated!
Update your bbm in BlackBerry App World, preferably reboot!

2) In BBM, can't see messages when texting!
Open the main bbm app, swipe from top to bottom, go to settings, scroll down until you see "show action bar with keyboard", click slider to off, close bbm app, preferably reboot! 

There you go, all done! If you are experiencing any issues after update, please do tell me, I will try to help resolve! Join the conversation, ping to discuss the new update!

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Left your BlackBerry at home, no problem!

Left your BlackBerry at home, no problem! Work anymore, anytime! No saving to a cloud, no transferring information between devices. It’s just there! 

Works on all devices, BlackBerry, android, apple, windows, even Ubuntu!

BlackBerry introduces BlackBerry blend,

check the video here

Or download the video here

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