Tuesday 7 January 2014

Pastel Business Online

Why choose Pastel My Business Online?

Pastel My Business Online has been designed for use by small business owners and freelancers. This innovative accounting software solution encompasses business acumen of the future. Imagine the possibilities for your small business! Keeping track of your sales, purchases, inventory, customers, suppliers and cash movements has never been so handy, current and mobile (For example, My Business Online has an iPhone application). Traditional accounting jargon has been replaced with simple, easily understood terminology, assuring you a seamless and convenient experience every time you are online.

Who should use Pastel My Business Online?

You could be an accountant, electrician or mechanic. This product is ideal for any small business in need of an affordable accounting system that is mobile and easy to use. With Pastel My Business Online, there is no installation required, automatic updates, 24/7 data security, simple accessibility and mobility. Use it on the Go... Pastel is now smartphone enabled as well!

Get the iPhone application now!

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