Tuesday 11 February 2014

Bella Rosa

Making Every Girl’s Dream Come True!

Every girl dreams of her wedding day….

The people are waiting in anticipation for the Bride to arrive ….

The carriage arrives or in keeping with the times, the Limo arrives, and draws to halt perfectly next to the red carpet. The door opens, and the bride puts a Swarovski clad foot out and the crowds started to ooh and aah!

Then out pops the most beautiful girl in the world ...

A tiara sittiing on her crowning glory, billowing white taffeta, embellished with glistening Swarovski and crystals, a face of beauty perfected and a gorgeous bouquet of the most beautiful roses one has ever seen …..

That’s the dream!

In reality though, it’s a completely different story.

Most girls have to save money themselves to have a decent wedding, forget about a “dream” wedding.

That’s when Bella Rosa, come’s to the rescue ….. Making Every Girl’s dream wedding a Reality!

From the dream dress, accessories, flowers, and even the wedding cake, Bella Rosa offers you the chance to bring your dream as close to reality as possible without the burden of exorbitant costs.

Stepping into the Bella Rosa Boudoir is like stepping into the Fairy-godmother’s chamber, where Bella Rosa waves her magic wand and turns every girl into a dream princess.

Your most difficult task is going to be, Making the choice! The choice of the right gown! There’s simply so much to choose from. Each one even more beautiful and striking than the previous. But I promise you, you will find that perfect dress!

Bella Rosa offers you the option to hire a bridal-gown and accessories. In fact she has gowns for the bridesmaids, flower girls and matric dance dresses as well.

Bella Rosa can do your bouquets, and Flower arrangements for the function.

Bella Rosa has a team behind her to make your day perfect, offering dressing, make-up, hair and photography.

So, to make your dream wedding a reality, visit Bella Rosa!

Contact Bella Rosa ....
BB Pin: 262B11FA
Cellphone: 082 631 1775
Email: info@bellarosabrides.co.za

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