Sunday 27 April 2014

Online Brochures, Catalogues

Blade IT has a fully functional design department that has been using its expertise in design and IT to perfect the art of creating, managing and hosting online catalogues, brochures & magazines.

One of the main clientele in this field is The LSF Mag ….
A magazine churned out, now monthly, is Blade IT’s baby from design to layout to finished product.

The LSF Mag spans upto 100 pages and is easily accessible in 2 versions:
Mobile – for smartphone, tablet & ipad users; and
Pc – for pc and laptop users.

Blade IT’s IT specialists have made the magazine quick to access, easy to view, with excellent quality viewing and reading. More user friendly than any of its competitors

The LSF Mag, past and current editions, can be viewed on their website ….

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