Monday 2 February 2015

An online presence presents a Professional and Credible Image

Your organization must make the leap into the 21st century if it is to be perceived as professional in today's marketplace. 
Today, customers, employees, and suppliers expect to be able to find and communicate with a business online. 
It is very much like being listed in the Yellow Pages, if you do not have a listing, potential customers will not be able to find you and trust you? 
Organizations that still do not have a Web presence are inadvertently making a statement about their ability to embrace technology and adapt to change in today's dynamic environment. 
For a small business, a well-designed website is a great way of creating credibility and looking bigger than you actually are. 
You can look like one of the big corporations at a very small cost. 
When one compares the cost of establishing a website to what it costs to promote a business on the traditional media (newspaper, radio, television), it is evident that a website is the cheapest form of marketing ever created.

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