Wednesday 25 February 2015

BlackBerry Tips!

These are the default shortcuts that I think are particularly useful!  Press and hold a key to activate an existing shortcut or assign a new shortcut!

Launch the Browser – B
Compose a Message – Within the BlackBerry Hub – C Launch the Weather App – W Launch the Calculator – U Launch BBM – N Lock BlackBerry Classic – K Change Notifications to Silent – Q Launch Settings – O Open Contacts/Address Book – A Launch Help – H

Here are some advanced shortcuts and tips that loyalists will definitely remember!
Within the Hub, browser and a number of other lists, you can press B to go to the Bottom and T to reach the Top!
When in a text field, like an email, BBM Message or SMS/Text, type “mypin” and hit the spacebar to display your PIN number.
Similarly, you can type “mynumber” to bring up your phone number, “LT” for the current time and “LD” for the date!

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