Friday 20 February 2015

Scammers List

Etiquette of creating scammers list, name/shaming, missing person, crime alerts etc!

All information must be verified! The person who forwards from another person will be responsible if the information is not verified and not correct! 
All messages should include the contact details of the person who compiled the list! Contact details should be a direct phone number and email addresses, not social media numbers example bbpin, fb, twitter etc!

Information supplied without the above details cannot be taken as verified and the person will and can't be held responsible for character defamation! By broadcasting details of people, naming them as scammers are unethical without verification! Especially on social media, if one don't know the person, one should be cautious when making payments! All business should be verified, should offer COD or verified methods of payment! As many of you know, I have helped to recover your funds without naming/shaming and with no ulterior motive, no monetary payment either! Because of time constraints, I have been unable to help these last few months! Time permitting, I will continue helping! 

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