Friday 13 February 2015

Why an Individual Needs a Website

For an individual, a website and a personal domain name can be useful in many ways.

1. Permanent Identity
A domain name is your personal and unique identity on the Internet. You can set up a personal or family website that may feature your family history, resumes of family members, family photos, travel photos, etc.

2. Personalized Email Address
You can have a personalized email address such as Your personalized email is lifelong as long as you keep your domain name and website. You never have to worry about updating friends and family with a new email address when you change your job or Internet service provider.

3. Make Contact/Keep in Touch With Family
Your website can help you establish and maintain contact with others and network with your peers. Many families are spread across the country and around the world. Family members often miss out on precious moments such as new babies, first steps, graduations, birthdays, weddings, etc. If you have a website, you can post pictures and videos of your family on your site so that everyone can keep up to date.

4. Showcase for Your Hobby or Craft
Set up a website around your hobby, sport or craft. You can feature your work or collections. It may even be the beginning of a home-based business.

5. Club or Community Organization
Set up a website around a community organization or a club you started.

6. Children's Website
Give your children a head start in the information revolution by giving them their very own website.

7. Domain Name as an Investment
You may keep your personal domain names as an investment. Many common personal domain names will become scarce and valuable assets that are likely to increase in value. The personal domain name registration rush has begun. Most of the common first and last names in the world have already been registered. You may still be able to get some variations of your name or your family name for your domain. Act now before it's too late.

8. Share Information
On your website, you may post information that would be helpful or interesting to others around the world.

9. Worldwide Exposure
There are numerous ways you can promote your site to get worldwide exposure. You can register your site with various search engines and directories that reach more than 800 million Internet users around the world. Most of the search engines and directories allow free registration of websites. You can send press releases to news media about your website that features unique aspects of your club or hobby. You can also promote your site through free banner advertising on various link exchange networks.

10. Make Money From Your Site
You can also earn revenue for sales, leads, and traffic driven from merchant links and ads placed on your site. Take advantage of free access to various affiliate networks on the Internet.

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