Tuesday 3 March 2015

BB 10 users!

BB 10 users!

After 10.3.1 update, there's a few bugs which if you follow my step-by-step, you will fix the issue! Don't get frustrated, be patient! 

1) BBM, contact profiles are blanked out, you could change to dark mode but if you are used to light mode, you will get frustrated!
Update your bbm in BlackBerry App World, preferably reboot!

2) In BBM, can't see messages when texting!
Open the main bbm app, swipe from top to bottom, go to settings, scroll down until you see "show action bar with keyboard", click slider to off, close bbm app, preferably reboot! 

There you go, all done! If you are experiencing any issues after update, please do tell me, I will try to help resolve! Join the conversation, ping to discuss the new update!

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