Wednesday 4 March 2015

To all BB 10 users out there updating to 10.3.1:

To all BB 10 users out there updating to 10.3.1:

Please be patient and stop whining here and there, and please STOP blaming Blackberry for any difficulties you are going though if you yourself do not understand the whole process of downloading and updating apps! This is one big OS update which the community has been eagerly waiting for! This update is huge because of the new features that come with it! So much so that it will make your BB10 device looking and feeling as if brand new again. So it is not a simple matter of downloading it and everything snaps automatically into place! Remember to update apps like BBM because they have to sync up to the new OS!

Check my blog out for solutions Don't simplify things because this is not a simple update, it's a huge update!

As for me, I didn't have any problems upgrading my Passport, Z30, and  Z10 devices. There should be no reason you cannot do the same for your own devices. Be patient, be intelligent enough, and please don't whine and blame! Really awesome features, check it here

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